Two American hunters cause trouble in Iran

Two American hunters cause trouble in Iran
ID : N-1910 Date : 2018/06/08 - 09:08

(Persia Digest) – Two Americans hunting two Transcaspian Urial goats in the Neishabour protected zone in Khorasan Province, northeaster Iran, is the talk of town in the political and media circles of the country these days.

Persia Digest reports that these two Americans who had apparently paid USD 10 thousand for a hunting license have killed two Urial goats and posed for photographs with them. The Head of Neyshabour Environmental Organization has said that such licenses are issued only in areas in the world that have such a capacity and nowhere else.

Mohammad-Mahdi Nourbakhsh added: “Most of the license cost is spent on protecting this area.”

Be that as it may, the hunt has caused a political incident and the opposition to President Hassan Rouhani is using it to put pressure on him.

The conservative MP for Mashhad in Khorasan Province has criticized issuing the licenses in Parliament for the two Americans, and said: “We will certainly have a question time for the President in Parliament.”

He has also asked for a campaign by the people to prevent such things from happening.


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