(Persia Digest) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson has said: “The Danish Ambassador to Tehran met with the Head of the northern European desk at the Ministry this morning. Iran protested the hasty reaction of Danish media and politicians on the news of a Norwegian-Iranian arrested in Denmark on charges of plotting the murder of a Danish citizen.”

Bahram Ghasemi added: “The Head of the northern European desk at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs underlined that such biased news about the failed plot against a member of the Iranian opposition in Denmark by the IR of Iran was categorically denied as the continuing conspiracies of known enemies of expanding Iran-EU ties under the current critical conditions. He also warned against the outcome of ill-advised, controversial actions and the necessity to manage these accordingly.”

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The President’s Office also reacted by recalling the Danish Ambassador, and stating: “We are rather skeptical about this reporting on the verge of new sanctions being imposed on Iran on 4 November. Some are seeking to disrupt the good progress of talks between Iran and Europe on the JCPOA.”

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As reported by Persia Digest (PD), Denmark claimed on Tuesday that it had foiled a plot for the murder of a political activist opposed to Iran who lived in Denmark. The Danish Foreign Minister had said that it will recall its ambassador from Tehran and ask the EU to impose new sanctions against the country.

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