(Persia Digest) – Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization has announced that it is pursuing talks with Turkey, Syria, and Pakistan for preferential trade, saying: “Iran hawks are infiltrating everywhere to stop our economic expansion and restrict our progress further.”

Mohammad-Reza Modudi added: “Certain infrastructures like banking ties are our priority. If this is not resolved, preferential tariffs and trade will have no value.”

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Modudi said the Turkish President had given assurances to resolve the current issues; he added that barter trade was also being discussed by the Trade Promotion Organization with other countries, especially its neighbors.

He also underlined that a 13 percent growth rate for Iran’s non-oil exports during the first eight months of the Iranian calendar, bringing the total to USD 31BN and 500MM, will be sustained until the year-end in March.

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Modudi also stated that the Trade Promotion Organization is planning to double the country’s exports capabilities from the current USD 50BN with megaprojects over a three-year period.

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