Firuzkuhi Tah-chin – A different dish from the mountains

Firuzkuhi Tah-chin – A different dish from the mountains
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(Persia Digest) – Firuzkuh is a town near Tehran which, in addition to tourist attractions and mountain recreations for enthusiasts, has a delicious local cuisine that attracts many admirers.

This region has very cold winters and cool, mild summers.

One of the local and traditional dishes of this region is Firuzkuhi Tah-chin, which everyone should try at least once. However, you can no longer forget it once you have tried it.

Ingredients (serves 4)

4 cups of rice

500g Sabzi polo herbs (parsley, coriander, dill, chives in equal amounts)

250g mutton shank

1-2 Beetroot

2 Carrots

1 ½ cup Dried apricot (GheysiOnion: one

2 tbsp Dried lime powder

Oil, salt, pepper, turmeric to taste

Wash the mutton and prepare it in one piece or diced as you prefer.

Chop the onion, add the mutton to it and stir fry.

Add pepper and turmeric to the mutton and add two glasses of water. Bring to the boil and half-cook.

Soak the rice from the night before. Bring a pot of water and salt to the boil, add rice, allow to boil for a couple of minutes until tender and drain in a strainer. Peel and slice the beetroot (s). Cut the carrot diagonally. Wash the dried apricots and soak until a bit soft.

Pour some of the oil in the pot and add a layer of rice.

Place the half-cooked mutton (diced only) on top of rice, sprinkle some dried lime powder on it to give it a better flavor.

Add a layer of beetroots and carrots over the meat, then add a layer of herbs and rice; continue until all the ingredients are layered out in the pot.

In the end, turn out the rice in the same shape on a dish and decorate with almond and pistachios slices, and stir-fried barberries.

Bon appetit!

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