Iran manufactures electric buses with Belarus

Iran manufactures electric buses with Belarus
ID : N-939 Date : 2018/01/05 - 09:23

(Persia Digest) – A private company is trying to manufacture electric buses with supercapacitors for the first time in Iran, financed by Belarus.

Chairman of the board for the Iranian company, Mohammad Samam-Sakhiravi, spoke of their joint project with the Belarus company and said: “These electric buses will be the new wireless generation equipped with supercapacitors charged with batteries.”

He added: “These are not lithium batteries requiring long hours to be recharged. There will be no problems of dropping power supplies, emissions, and fires.

He reiterated: “Thanks to supercapacitors, these ultra-rapid charging batteries will run for 20 to 40 kilometers. They can be recharged without the presence of manpower in a space of three square meters while dropping off passengers and can be recharged over 90,000 times.”

He added that the first prototype will come to Iran in two months’ time once a joint company has been setup with Belarus, and added: “With government backup, the joint company can be turned into an export hub to neighboring countries and the Middle East.”

Sakhiravi stated: “The required infrastructures are being set up and the manufacturing process will begin in Iran with the first 50 orders.”

He continued by saying: “According to estimates, these buses can run 24/7 and save 150 thousand euros per 600 kilometers as compared to their diesel counterparts.”

He added: “The Exports Development Bank of Belarus will provide a 5-year credit line for this project which will be provided upon request from Iran.”


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