Tony Cragg – Roots and Stones

Tony Cragg – Roots and Stones
ID : N-497 Date : 2017/10/23 - 18:35

(Persia Digest) – The sculpture exhibition by British-German artist, Tony Cragg, will open at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran tomorrow 24 October 2017.

Tony Cragg has traveled to Tehran for his show and is planning to make a sculpture three meters high for the Museum grounds during his stay here.

He has displayed 60 sculptures and 140 designs in Tehran that he has created from 1970 to date. The exhibition will run until December.

At a press conference yesterday, organized by the Museum, he said Iran is a charming, attractive country. About his works, he said: “In addition to the form and content of the works I have showcased here, the history of the artist and materials used is also important. I usually work with simple materials. Nature has not been reconstructed in these works; but, it is the ideas and interpretations created by each material that is of consequence here.”

He pointed out that sculpting involved avoiding repetition by using various materials, and said: “Every idea and thought can be found in the materials used. As sculpting is not a functional industry, it can restore the richness of the form back to the materials. We work with all types of materials every day, but this is a functional repetition. The art of sculpture wants to stand opposite this repetition and usher in new ideas.”

About the concepts he uses in his works, he said: “All my works are based on concepts expressed in various forms; the inner and outer concepts of my works are rather complicated. The relationship between man and nature and the correlation between knowing and believing is one of the themes that can be seen in them.”

Afshin Derambakhsh, one of the organizers, commented on Tony Cragg making a sculpture for the Museum grounds, and said: “The sculpture is made of two independent forms which intertwine in composition and equilibrium to create a single piece. The material used is Iranian marble and the dimensions are 3m x 20cm x 185 cm (width). It is designed by Tony Cragg and will be executed and unveiled in Iran in about two months.


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