(Persia Digest) – The Mayor of Hamedan, west central Iran, has said that Swiss Ambassador to Tehran Marcus Leitner, said: “Switzerland will be working with Iran on investing in Tourism in Hamedan.”

Abbas Soufi added: “Swiss authorities will be taking serious steps to place Hamedan on the list of places to visit for Swiss tourists.”

According to the Mayor of Hamedan, the agreement made with Switzerland includes a Hamedan cultural week in Switzerland, finding a sister city in Switzerland, academic knowledge transfer and communication between universities, transfer of technical experiences, urban management, and crisis management.

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Hamedan Mayor has stressed on efforts being made by the Islamic City Councils and Hamedan Council to fully introduce the city in the “Hamedan 2018” event, and said: “The city managements aims to establish economic and tourism ties with industrialized countries and attract investment.”

Persia Digest reports that Hamedan has been selected as the Tourism Capital of Asia for 2018 and will be hosting two transnational events in tourism.


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