(Persia Digest) – The Head of the Iran Export Confederation, Mohammad Lahouti, has announced a 16 percent increase in Iranian exports for the current year, saying: “Exports to the UAE have increased by 43 percent, which is rather significant. Iran’s least exports have been to South Korea and more attention must be given to this area.”

He said the total exports figure for the first trimester of this year is tomans 11BN 618MM: “This shows a 15.58 percent increase in value as compared to a similar period last year.”

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According to Lahouti, the diversification of export destinations for traditional Iranian markets remains as before with exports to China, the UAE, Afghanistan, Iraq, and South Korea.

He stated: “Exports to the UAE have grown by 43.5 percent, to Iraq by 10 percent, and to Afghanistan by 21.95 percent. But this figure for South Korea had dropped by 15 percent.”

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