(Persia Digest) – Isfahan is one of Iran’s best-known cities for its arts and crafts and tourism. If you travel to Isfahan, make sure to also try their biryani. Restaurants in the city specialize in biryani and abgousht [meat stew], two traditional Iranian dishes. They serve nothing else on their menu and this is why they are called biryani places. Here is how to prepare it.

Ingredients (serves 4)

500g Lamb shank

50g Lamb fat

100g White sheep’s liver

2 Onions

1 tsp ground, dissolved saffron

Walnuts and sliced pistachios, almonds and cinnamon to taste

Dried mint, salt, pepper, oil to taste

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Preparation - Part I

Place the lamb, fat, one onion, oil, and four cups of water in a pan on medium heat until the meat is cooked (keep some lamb juices at the bottom of the pan).

Preparation - Part II

Chop the white liver and cook with two cups of water, some oil, one chopped onion, salt, and pepper on medium heat. Allow the water to evaporate and sauté and mince in the end.

Preparation - Part III

Mince the lamb and fat after cooking; mix with the saffron, some of the dried mint, and salt and pepper and mince again.

Preparation - Part IV

Shape the biryani mixture like a hamburger; sprinkle with some cinnamon and sliced pistachio or almonds. Place in an oiled pan and fry on both sides. Add some of the meat juices to it and serve on a piece of flat bread with the minced white liver, chopped walnuts, and parsley and mint.

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