December 03, 2018 16:24
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(Persia Digest) – The Commander of the Iranian navy has said: “We will be sailing the Atlantic in the near future and make important achievements.”

Commander Hossein Khanzadi stated: “In interaction with the international community, we have to date dispatched carriers to the Gulf of Aden 58 times. They have received numerous accreditations for their fight with pirates.”

He continued: “My colleagues have been on the seas over the past decade day and night to secure the safety of the vessels.”

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Read Admiral Khanzadi also stated that being present on the free seas is strategic, adding: “In spite of sanctions, we have turned from a green-water navy to a blue-water navy by relying on our manpower.”

Read Admiral Khanzadi stressed that we will show our deterrent force through defense diplomacy when necessary, stating: “The West is seeking to isolate Iran by limiting its defense diplomacy.”

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He announced: “In order to expand military cooperation in May and June next year, we will hold the first major search and rescue exercise to counter piracy against Iran in the Indian Ocean.”

He pointed to the presence of Iran’s carriers in two important passages of the Mediterranean, saying: “We will be sailing the Atlantic in the near future and make important achievements.”

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