(Persia Digest) – A senior advisor to the Supreme Leader of Iran has commented on certain reports about Russia’s possible cooperation with Israel in Syria against Iran saying: “It does not seem that Russian leaders have reached an agreement against Iran’s interests.”

Major General Hassan Firouzabadi who has previously served as the Chief-of-Staff of Iran’s Armed forces, said: “Given Iran and Russia’s extensive geopolitical and political relations which were also emphasized on several occasions by the top leaders of the two countries, Tehran and Moscow enjoy good cooperation.”

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Referring to the present situation between the US and European states, he said: “The present situation between the US and Europe indicates that Iran and Russia have to strengthen bilateral ties, particularly on the Western Asia front.”

On 5 February, another senior advisor to the Supreme Leader who had previously served as the chief commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Major General Rahim Safavi, said that the promotion of strategic ties between Iran and the global rivals of the US, including Russia and China, is one of the main strategies of Iran’s defense and security structures.

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Meanwhile, the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Majlis (Parliament) had said on 31 January: “Russian S-300 air defense systems positioned in Syria are deactivated during Israelis strikes on that country and it seems there is a coordination between Israel’s attacks and Russian air defenses in Syria.”

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