(Persia Digest) – The Urmia Lake Restoration Committee in association with FAO has initiated the revival of the Lake as a joint project. The project aims to benefit from global expertise to support national efforts for the revival of Lake Urmia over a four-year period. The funding will be provided by the Japanese government.

The project aims to provide guidance and technical assistance to the Iranian government's efforts for reducing water consumption by 40% in four years (2016-2020) and reversing the process of the Lake drying up.

FAO names the Lake project as a socioeconomic issue and proposes an integrated framework to find logical solutions that combine economically viable options with socially and locally established norms.

FAO’s special role in the project includes the design and implementation of a solid framework that fuses international expertise with domestic skills to create enhanced tools and techniques; it must also perform a field measure of the site to ensure access to water, water availability, land use, the selection of materials, and optimal ways of using water and producing and marketing foodstuffs.

Senior Technical Adviser to FAO in Iran, Aziz Al-Bahri and his staff here, will be leading the project in close association with the Urmia Lake Restoration Committee. Also, a group of six international experts working for FAO, based in the central offices in Rome and regional offices in Cairo, will work closely with the project.

Other organizations involved in the project are the Institute for Water Education (IHE-DELTS) in Holland which is the largest of its kind in the world, International Trade Center (ITC) in Geneva, the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA), and British Columbia University in Canada.

Iran has defined the restoration of Lake Urmia as one of its main objectives.

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