Do not approach these dangerous sites in Iran

Do not approach these dangerous sites in Iran
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(Persia Digest) – There are sites in Iran hiding secrets at their heart and still wearing a shroud of mystery with the passage of time. Some of these are manmade, and others have been made by the life-giving Divinity. This report will take you on a safe tour of some of these sites.

The cemetery of humans without mouths

The strange “Ye’ri” cemetery is in east Meshkin Shahr, in Ardabil Province, dating back to the Achaemenid era. In this mysterious cemetery, 450 graves have been identified; the smallest of these measure three meters, and the longest eight meters. Upright headstones all have identical engravings of human faces without mouths, giving the place a ghastly aura.

Jinn chimney

The Jinn Chimney near Mahanshan, Zanjan Province, is one of Iran’s most astonishing phenomena. This is a large rock in the plains with a number of menhirs growing out of it, each with a mushroom-shaped head wearing a hat like humans.

Valley of the ghosts

“Kul Khersan” or the valley of ghosts is a mysteriously stunning valley in Khuzestan Province. Waterfalls ooze out of the rock faces of this astonishing valley, and together with its almond trees, palm trees, and wild grape trees, create a dreamy, tempting landscape.

Cottage of horrors

“Haft Daghanan” is the name of a forest near Some’eh-Sara village in Guilan Province which has been a destination for large numbers of tourists and adventurers for years. Locals have always heard indistinguishable noises in the forest and prefer to leave the place before dark. There is a forest cottage here no one has dared approach for years. The story goes that, in the past, the cottage was visited by a group of people trying to prove their bravery, but never returned from it. Ever since, no one has been allowed inside and sightseers can only look at it from a distance.

The jinxed cemetery

There is a cemetery going by the name of “Sefid Chah” [White Well] in Behshahr of Mazandaran, the soil of which is white with upright headstones. Some locals say jinns work a graveyard shift here.


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