Iran ready for talks with Arab countries

Iran ready for talks with Arab countries
ID : N-1086 Date : 2018/01/17 - 18:17

(Persia Digest) – In the past few days, Iranian officials have given a new green light to Arab countries for talks. As reported by Persia Digest, despite criticizing Saudi Arabia’s ties with the US and Zionist regimes, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, at a meeting with visiting dignitaries for the 13th Organization of Islamic Cooperation Conference, emphasized: “We believe that Islamic unity holds a sensitive position in the world with many followers and capabilities. It can lead to the formation of a great, influential power. We have even told those who behave with animosity towards us that we are ready to respond in a brotherly manner, even if this is not their approach.”

At the opening ceremony, President Rouhani also spoke, and said: “We do not consider any of the Islamic countries to be our rivals and are convinced that we can establish mutually respectful dialogue even with those with whom we have differences of opinion.”

Today, Kamal Kharazi, who was appointed by the Supreme Leader to chair the Strategic Council of Iran's Foreign Relations since 2007, spoke of Iran's readiness to negotiate with Arab countries.

Also, at the 2nd international conference of "Arabs and Iran" in Beirut, Kamal Kharazi announced the readiness of the IR of Iran to conduct talks with Arab nations to resolve regional problems and said Beirut was a suitable venue for Iran-Arab discussions.

Kharazi made three proposals, including the promotion of practical visions for regional changes, defining strategic discussion points, and the opening of dialogue between Iranian and Arab elites.

He said the most important issue for dialogue between the Arabs and Iran was how to deal with the main enemy in the region, the Zionist regime, and said: “Iranians and Arabs have no choice but to deal with this enemy, which is the main cause for discord in the region, and the humiliation and weakening of regional countries, through dialogue.”

He added: “Regional order and security, stability and peace, territorial integrity, and economic and cultural cooperation between Iran and Arab countries are important issues which must be discussed in their own good time.”


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