Steve Pond review of Everybody knows

Steve Pond review of Everybody knows
ID : N-1791 Date : 2018/05/17 - 12:34

(Persia Digest) Steve Pond has said that Asghar Farhadi’s film opening the Cannes Film Festival is the best movie to open the Festival in years.

Everybody knows premiered to a standing ovation at the Festival and has received middle to high marks so far.

Steve Pond, from The Wrap, has said: “Over the past years, Cannes openers were dismal movies easily forgotten. But this year was different with the substantial film Everybody knows directed by Asghar Farhadi which opened the Festival. This Iranian filmmaker is the master of layered thrillers that can get under the skin of society.”

Farhadi’s film is in Spanish, starring Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, along the same lines as Farhadi’s other international films. In 2009, “About Elly” won the Berlinale Silver Bear Award. “A Separation” won the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, “The Past” won the Best Actress Award in Cannes, and “The Salesman” won the Best Script Award and Best Foreign Language Film in Cannes.

Like other Farhadi movies, Everybody knows displays class differences in society and deals with secrets that bind us together, and separate us. It is about what happens when secrets are not really the same, when “everybody knows” and when “everybody doubts”, or even when everybody talks and gossips about it.

Farhadi is a hardcore filmmaker, but not one who relies on special effects. Everybody knows is an unpretentious film dealing with emotions. It is strong and makes an impact. It is a journey into the lives of people who are never free of old loves and vengeances. Everybody knows is the most substantial film to open the Cannes Film Festival in years.


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