February 24, 2018 15:10
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(Persia Digest) – The 31st Khwarizmi International Award closing ceremony was held on Thursday 25 February 2018 in the presence of President Hassan Rouhani. Researchers of the top ten projects conducted in Iran and five conducted overseas in Australia, China, Germany, France, and Switzerland were acknowledged at the ceremony.

The Khwarizmi International Award is held every year to identify and introduce scientists and innovators on a national and international level. To date, 982 basic, applied, developmental and innovative projects have been selected and introduced to the scientific society of Iran.

The call to submit the projects to this edition of the awards was set from March to October. Once the submissions were completed, the projects were assessed by 18 groups. 377 projects from Iran and 123 projects from 49 countries competed at the awards.

Iran ranks first in the growth and publication of scientific achievements in the region and 16th in the world. It has one percent of the world population and produces 1.9 percent of internationally indexed articles and 2.9 percent of cited articles.

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