(Persia Digest) – If you have not been to “The Louvre in Tehran” at the National Iranian Museum yet, make an effort to go and see this brilliant little piece of the Louvre in the Iranian capital, where a painting by Rembrandt and other masterpieces from the famous museum in France are on display for all to see. Among these, you will also come across photos of the Louvre Museum shot by the late Iranian filmmaker, Abbas Kiarostami, years ago and see it through his lens.

There are eighteen such photos by Kiarostami of the Louvre spaces and visitors on display at the National Iranian Museum alongside the masterpieces brought over from France.

This is a collection of photos taken from the Museum building and its halls on Kiarostami’s numerous visits there between 1996 and 2012.

A painting by the 17th-century Dutch artist, Rembrandt, is also among the masterpieces from the Louvre on display in Tehran for a period of four months.

The exhibition aims to promote cultural awareness and exchanges between the two countries and is sponsored by a private bank until 8 June 2018 in 30 Tir Street in Tehran.

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