(Persia Digest) – In a telephone conversation on Sunday afternoon, Hassan Rouhani told Emmanuel Macron: “A strong JCPOA means strong regional security and cooperation. Our relations are based on trust, and the JCPOA is an important basis to build trust between Iran and the West.”

He pointed out that the US position against the JCPOA is a clear abrogation of the agreement between the seven signatories, and added: “Iran is ready for any decisions the US might take on 12 May.”

The Iranian President reiterated that the current US stance on the JCPOA is to repeal the deal and create fear and uncertainty for other countries and businesses in their dealings with Iran. He added: “Even if the US decides to stay in the JCPOA agreement on 12 May but continue the same trend as these past two years, this is unacceptable to us.”

Rouhani emphasized that the future of the JCPOA after 2025 will be decided by international laws and Iran will not accept any limitations over and above its commitments. He said: “The JCPOA and any other issues under this pretext are totally unnegotiable.”

He also talked about regional cooperation: “As Iran has shown so far, it is ready for talks on regional stability and security, in particular in its fight against terrorism.”

Macron: We will stay in the JCPOA

The French President also re-emphasized on the need for Tehran-Paris to cooperate in all areas of mutual interest, and added: “The EU, and France in particular, support the JCPOA entirely and we will stay in the agreement 100 percent.”

Emmanuel Macron reiterated that commitment to the 2015 nuclear agreement will strengthen confidence building and regional stability. He continued: “The EU and France pledge support for the JCPOA as it stands and we ask you to remain in the agreement.”

The French President added: “France will always support a peaceful Middle East and believes that the JCPOA sets an important precedent to help resolve regional issues. It must be kept and all the signatories must remain committed to it. This is a key note that I also mentioned in the US Congress.”

The Iranian and French presidents emphasized their determination to strengthen ties between Tehran and Paris in all mutual areas of interest.

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