September 27, 2018 11:55
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(Persia Digest) – Following a meeting between the Indian and Iranian Foreign Ministers on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, India announced: “We will continue to buy oil from Iran.”

Sushma Swaraj underlined the importance of good economic ties with Iran at the meeting, adding: “Iran is not only a neighbor, but a good friend to us and we will continue to buy their oil.”

Ways of expanding banking ties were also discussed at the meeting and the two sides exchanged views on bilateral cooperation in Iran’s southern Chabahar Port and its development.

Iran’s FM, Javad Zarif, also stated after the meeting that mutual projects between the two countries were progressing accordingly in Chabahar, adding: “Plans to isolate Iran have failed.”

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In answer to a question about the two countries cooperation in this Iranian Port, Zarif answered: “Chabahar is functioning very well and India’s consignments are transported from here to Afghanistan.”

Zarif continued: “We have forecast developments for Chabahar and its capacities. We are hoping for further Indian investment at the port.”

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