February 28, 2019 12:38
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(Persia Digest) – The President of Iran’s Football Federation has said that the Team Melli manager will be introduced before the Nowruz holidays (in 20 days).

Speaking about his assessment of Queiroz’s coaching, Mahdi Taj said: “Queiroz had a total contract of USD 10.6MM with us. But our total share capital was USD 30MM. This means we made a huge profit.”

To the question of why Queiroz did not stay, he answered: “Before the AFC Asian Cup we geared up to see how Team Melli would fare. We decided to part ways after the Japan match. Queiroz had received an offer from the Colombian club and decided to take it up.”

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On whether Montella is a choice for Team Melli, Taj said: “Who’s Montella? I wanted to ask you who he is. As far as I know, he was a player in the Italian national team. I will not comment on any names. I am trying to introduce the new manager before Nowruz.”

When asked if Branco will manage the Team Melli, he said: “Persepolis took a huge leap and Branco was a great manager. My assessment of his work is very positive and I think of Persepolis as the national team. Schäfer was also excellent for Esteghlal Club. But you have to wait and see if any of these two will coach the Team Melli in due time.

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