(Persia Digest) – Some time ago, near the “Alavian Monument” in “Jarrahan Street” in Hamedan, an object resembling a sarcophagus was uncovered during works to repair the water supply network, marking the start of interesting excavations.

After exploring the tunnel that was dug here, two coffins were discovered parallel to each other about two meters in length, 80cms in width and 50cms high.

The initial finds in the coffins show two skeletons that have been studied by experts who have discovered one is of a man and the other of a woman. They lay face up and were buried alongside each other.

Early studies carried out on the rocky coffins and potteries indicated that these were from the Ashkanid Era. This confirms the fact that Persians had family burial grounds from this period (2000 BCE) and had great respect for women.

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