(Persia Digest) – President Rouhani inaugurated another 9kms of line six of Tehran’s metro this morning which is now ready for use. Once completed, this will be the longest metro line in Tehran and the Middle East.

Line six will be 32kms long in all and has been designed with 27 stations from Dolatabad in Rey, southern Tehran, to Sulughan on the border of the suburbs.

Another 15kms of the line’s northern section will be completed by March 2020.

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Certain media in Iran have reported that line six is not safe and the inauguration is too early. But the City Council has announced that the line is standard and safe.

The Council’s statement reads that urban management’s first and foremost priority is the safety of citizens and this will never take second place to project inauguration dates.

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Persia Digest (PD) reports that the first metro line began operating between Tehran and Karaj in 1998. Tehran’s metro has seven main lines measuring 220.5 kilometers with 122 stations. There are over 1000 wagons running in the capital, moving over three million commuters per day on average. Tehran metro’s record is the transport of four million commuters in one day.

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