(Persia Digest) - An Italian team of Restorers Without Borders will soon undertake restoration works on the historic site of Takht-e Jamshid [Persepolis] said director of Takht-e Jamshid Unesco World Heritage Center on Sunday, reports IRNA.

Hamid Fadaei added that the team will arrive in Iran on April 27 to start work on the site.

Based on the agreement made between the team and Takht-e Jamshid World Heritage Center, they will do repair works on some sections of the southern staircase of Tajar Palace as well as Shoura Palace from April 27 to June 7.

Takht-e Jamshid or Parse was the name of one of the ancient Persian city and the magnificent and ceremonial capital of Iran during the reign of the Achaemenid Empire in Iran (rule 550-330 BCE).

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In this ancient city, there is a royal palace called Takht-e Jamshid that was built during the reign of Darius I (rule 522-486 BCE) and Artaxerxes I (rule 465-424 BCE).

The city was prosperous for 200 years. The history of the monument can be traced back to 500 BCE. Since 1979, this historical location has been one of Iran’s monuments registered by UNESCO World Heritage.

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