(Persia Digest) – Tehran police has announced that it will take tougher actions against mixed-gender weddings.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that mixed gatherings of namahram men and women is forbidden according to Islamic law in Iran and separate venues must be organized for them during weddings and other ceremonies.

Nevertheless, this rule is not observed in some larger cities such as Tehran and the police have now issued a warning that it will take tougher action against such gatherings.

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Officer Taghi Arvan, deputy of public places security police for Greater Tehran, announced: “We organized a meeting for all the managers of hotels and ceremonial halls and informed them that mixed-gender wedding ceremonies are banned.”

He reiterated: “I emphasize once again that men and women must be segregated and Islamic laws must be observed. If men and women gather in one place, hall managers will be dealt with severely.”

Iran’s Chief of Police also pointed out that having a bad hijab is a criminal offense, adding: “Cars are not personal spaces and not wearing the hijab inside a car is considered a crime.”

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Speaking about a law whereby traffic cameras take pictures of women inside their cars and identifies them based on their number plate, Commander Ashtari said: “To date, 300 thousand SMS messages have been sent to offenders of which 150 thousand have come forward to undertake not to repeat the act. It has also been announced that in case of a recurrence, their car will be confiscated in the first instance and they will be sent to court next.”

He reiterated: “The police is duty bound by law and countering women with a bad hijab is carrying out the law.”

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