4th Award of Tehran announced

4th Award of Tehran announced
ID : N-948 Date : 2018/01/01 - 11:30

(Persia Digest) – Mehrshad Kazemi, Head of Culture and Islamic Guidance Department of Tehran and Secretary to the 4th Award of Tehran announced the Awards ceremony will be held on Wednesday 3 January 2018, and said: “Like previous years, the aim of the Award is to honor Tehran researchers and create incentives for scientific-research in projects for the arts, society, history, and cultural heritage among students, professors, and researchers who work on Tehran and lead the way for those interested in increasing their knowledge in this area.

Kazemi added: “Considering the wide range of important subjects on Tehran, the call for the 4th Award of Tehran was announced with the efforts of the academic committee who moved programs forward according to plan as in previous years. The closing and award ceremonies will be held on Wednesday.”

He went on to say: “The 4th Award of Tehran will take place in two categories. The first will deal with the Plasco fire and the terrorist attack on the Parliament building in Tehran on 7 June 2017; four participants will be awarded in the art and news section for films, photography, and news. In the second category designed for researchers, the top three authors, news photographers, best thesis, tour operators, and those active in the film and theater of Tehran will be selected.”

He continued: “We hope that the content produced on the history, arts, and culture of Tehran will provide a suitable background for culture-making as a social and human investment.”

The Secretary of the 4th Award of Tehran said the closing ceremony will be held on Wednesday 3 January at 15h00 at the House of Humanities, and said: “In this edition of the Awards, many organs in the city and government have earnestly cooperated with our Secretariat and facilitated our work. We would like to especially thank the Tehran Council Aesthetics Department, the Cultural Heritage Department, Tourism and Handicrafts of Tehran Province, Elmi-Farhangui Publications, House of Humanities, and the Tehran Research Department of the Cultural and Islamic Guidance Ministry.


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