Homayoun Shajarian: Father’s illness not in remission

Homayoun Shajarian: Father’s illness not in remission
ID : N-1007 Date : 2018/01/08 - 20:06

(Persia Digest) - Mohammad Shajarian, famed Iranian composer and singer has been away from the music scene for a long time due to his illness. Homayoun Shajarian his son in an interview with Euro News reported on the health status of his father.

Homayoun Shajarian who himself is among popular Iranian musicians and singers regarding his eagerness to again perform on the stage alongside his father said: “If his condition permits him to return to the stage, I will sweep the floor before him; sitting by his side has always been one of my cherished honors.”

Regarding the latest physical status of his father, he said: “Last year, because my father was ill, he had to have radiotherapy on his head and this resulted in some healthy tissues being damaged. While radiotherapy controls the disease, it also causes a series of complications. Now as compared to those early days of his illness, he is in a much better state.”

He continued by saying: “We had two options once his physical condition stabilized. He could either take up physiotherapy to improve his health, or the disease would have progressed.”

He added: “Unfortunately, we have not moved towards improvement. But, at the same time, his health has not deteriorated over the past 7-8 months. We are still at the same crossroads; he has not improved or worsened.”

Hoamyoun Shajarian expressed his worries about his father’s cancer becoming active again, and said: “The part we wanted to improve with physiotherapy has unfortunately remained the same for the past 7-8 months, which is somewhat disappointing. But, having him with us is a blessing. His memory is still sharp and he asks me questions which prompt me to ask myself how can father still remember these things.”

He concluded by saying: “We wish and hope that his health will improve. People have been very kind and they are praying for us.”


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