Iranian Ethnics Festival opens in Arak

Iranian Ethnics Festival opens in Arak
ID : N-3733 Date : 2018/12/17 - 11:06

(Persia Digest) – The 2nd Iranian Ethnics Festival has opened in Arak.

The festival opened today on the international fair grounds of Iran’s Central Province of Arak where groups from across Iran are participating.

The event will be promoting the Iranian-Islamic lifestyle and showcase the culture, arts and crafts, and local souvenirs of Iran to safeguard its original values.

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Classical Iranian and folk music will be performed by various groups. The “Yalda” winter solstice will also be celebrated with a special program on the sidelines of the festival.

The festival can be visited until Friday 21 December 2018, from 15h00 to 21h00 hours.

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Persia Digest (PD) reports that the Iranian nation is comprised of a melting pot of Kurdish, Lur, Azari, Baluch, Arab, Guilak, Fars…ethnic groups who have lived in peace alongside one another for centuries.

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