Iranian Tahdig recommended by New York Times

Iranian Tahdig recommended by New York Times
ID : N-1859 Date : 2018/05/29 - 09:29

(Persia Digest) – Recommending the “tahdig” as an Iranian delicacy worth trying to the readers, Sam Sifton writes in the New York Times What to Cook This Week about Samin Nosrat who, as a child, loved tahdig, which is what Iranians call the crisp and golden crust at the bottom of a pot of Persian rice. It’s similar to the crust that shows up when you make paella correctly — Valencians call it socarrat. Samin’s mom made tahdig out of lots of things, not just rice. She used flour tortillas for bread tahdig. She used sauce-soaked pasta for spaghetti tahdig. Samin wrote about all this for The Times this weekend.

There was a time as an adult where Samin was embarrassed about the spaghetti tahdig, in particular. She was cooking in Italy, and it just didn’t seem right to her. But some crisp leftover risotto she ate at a trattoria in Milan recently put her back on track, and she’s given us a fine new recipe for pasta tahdig (above) that I think you should make for dinner tonight. (You’ll need a tomato sauce before you start to crisp.)

Sam Sifton is the food editor of this American newspaper. He has recommended the pasta tahdig for a Sunday dinner with an appetizing picture.

Persian cuisine is a tourist attraction in Iran and has its own spcial fans worldwide.


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