The 11th Youth Music Festival in Tehran

The 11th Youth Music Festival in Tehran
ID : N-238 Date : 2017/09/02 - 12:04

(Persia digest)- The 11th Youth Music Festival in Tehran has opened in Tehran with the prominent figures and officials of the music world, such as Ali Moradkhani (Arts Curator at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance), Hossein Alizadeh, Houman As’adi (Festival Secretary), Darius Pirniakan, Behruz Hemmati, Ali Torabi (Strategic advisor to the Arts Dept), and Bahram Jamali (Managing Director - Iranian Music Forum).

Over 1500 students will be competing in three branches of classical music, Iranian music, and regional music.

In an interview with ILNA News Agency, the famous Iranian musician Hossein Alizadeh recognized the Youth Music Festival as unique in its kind and believes that if one day the authorities say there is no more budget for it, he and many other music professors will be prepared to stage concerts to raise funds with everything in their power. He added that the presence of our colleagues at this Festival is unprecedented; we are not accustomed to measuring ourselves up against the world, but if we do, we will see that this is a very spiritual move unmatched on a global level.

He went on to say that the title ‘Festival’ has been selected for this event, but it is in fact a competition. A festival is not necessarily a competition and the entertainment aspects of the programs must also be taken into account. This Festival belongs to all the people. Our young artists come on stage like blossoming buds. When you think that they are the future of our music, you feel for them with all your heart. It would be a great shame to look back and think we did not do enough for them and they were not given the right opportunities. If we take care of them seriously now and provide them with the minimum at least, we will no longer have to fear their misinformed encounters with other cultures. They will be the flag bearers of Iranian culture.


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