Visit the valley of love in Iran

Visit the valley of love in Iran
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(Persia Digest) – The valley of love is a natural attraction of Chahar Mahal & Bakhtiari Province. Its nearest town is Shahr-e Kord at a distance of 110kms. Even its alluring name attracts visitors to the place. Iran’s longest river runs through the valley of love, where tourists can take part in rafting and fishing. Rice paddies and pomegranate orchards create a pristine landscape before your eyes. Rivers, waterfalls, and adjoining villages live in peace and harmony side by side, where sightseers can feel at ease and relax.

Valley of love appellation

Legend has it among the locals that two lovers lived in this valley long ago on opposite sides of the river. There was no bridge here and the only way they could meet up was to swim across the river. From then on, this beautiful place came to be known as the valley of love.

Valley of love attractions

Karun River is Iran’s longest at a length of 950kms, crossing the valley on its winding path. Adding to the beauty of the valley is a waterfall that gushes out from the heart of the mountains and drops over a 100 meters. Next to the pomegranate orchards and rice paddies, this heavenly sight captures the heart of any nature lover.

Named in honor of an American nurse who took care of people here in 1931, the Helen protected area of pastures and oak trees is also in this region. Apart from rafting and fishing in the Karun River, you can also spend your time here photographing and climbing.


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