(Persia Digest) -  Unrest has broken out in a number of Iranian cities over the past few days in protest to economic hardships, including Shiraz, Arak, Mashhad, Isfahan, and Karaj. This was broken up by the security forces.

On Thursday afternoon, 2 August 2018, people took to the streets of Shiraz, chanting slogans such as “the people want the bazaar’s support”, asking shop owners in the bazaar to join the protests. They continued their march by asking for police support. Anti-government slogans were also heard in parts. At noon, the police scattered the increasing crowds by firing tear gas.

Shiraz MP, Masoud Rezaei, said nobody had been arrested on Thursday. He added that the government is making promises to keep the protesters quiet, adding: “The time for promises is up. Those in power must make tangible changes and the people must see improvements for a better situation.”

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The Shohada [Martyrs] Square in the holy city of Mashhad also saw around 200 people protesting their livelihood and economic problems by chanting slogans. The political deputy of Khorasan Province Governorate said a number of suspicious people had been arrested by the police in Mashhad for illegal acts.

Also on Thursday, demonstrations took place in Isfahan, Shahin Shahr, and Najafabad in protest to financial problems, causing scattered clashes between protesters and the police. Protests in Isfahan have been going on since Tuesday 31 July.

Protests in Karaj began on Wednesday 1 August and continued on Thursday. On 31 July, between 200 to 700 protestants in Gohardasht took to the streets against rising prices and mismanagement. They were scattered by the police after a few hours.

According to eyewitnesses, a police motorcycle and car were set on fire in protests on 1 August. This has not been confirmed by the provincial authorities. Tehran also saw a few hours of unrest on Thursday in Enghelab Street.

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