(Persia Digest) – In a live TV talk, President Hassan Rouhani said: “The United States offer of talks is aimed at casting doubt over the Iranian people in its psychological war and use this for the elections in Congress over the coming months. Trump’s words are for internal use in the elections for Congress, or to start a psychological war with Iranians.”

Rouhani added: “Those in charge of the government today are the same people who have always supported talks and interaction.”

He continued by saying: “When a person claims to be ready for talks he must know that negotiating has a basis, the first purport of which is honesty by both sides. They must aim to negotiate on a win-win basis. The person who claims to be ready for talks today is the same person who withdrew from the Paris Agreement and other trade commitments without talks.”

The Iranian President said: “When you claim to be ready for negotiations, you must first show that you sincerely intend to resolve the issues. How can you negotiate under sanctions?”

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He went on: “It is Trump and his administration who have turned their backs on negotiations and acted against our nation and Iran’s national interests. Iran always welcomes negotiations where there is honesty.”

In answer to how this honesty can be shown, Rouhani said: “At the very least, talking under sanctions has no meaning; if he is honest in saying I want to talk to reach a conclusion, then sanctions against the children of Iran, its sick and elderly, and all Iranians is in contrast with negotiations.”

He continued: “Every day, he sends his representatives around the world to promote his anti-Iranian efforts and stop others from interacting with Iran. In effect, Trump’s pressures are not only against the Iranian nation, but against all the companies who are working with Iran.”

Rouhani reiterated: “I have no pre-conditions. If the US administration is ready today to talk about ways of paying the compensations it has owed to the Iranian people since 1953 for its interference in their lives, we will talk. We are ready to know how and in how many instalments it intends to pay this. America owes a debt to the people of Iran for its continued interference in their country – a debt of apology and compensation. It can pay its debt and we are ready to talk, always have been throughout history.”

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