(Persia Digest) – A French tourist is of the opinion that: "European tourists are particularly interested in visiting the Shrine of Imam Reza (AS); this place is very attractive for most of them."

Nicolas selected the city of Mashhad in northeastern Iran for his summer holidays. He says: “This year, my wife and I decided to travel to Asia. We began by finding information on Iran and its cities. We had also heard about the country from our friends who had been there, and so we decided to see Iran.”

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He added: “Contrary to what we had heard, we found out that Iran is a safe, peaceful country with hospitable people. Most of them always have a smile on their face and lead simple family lives. Some media have portrayed Iran as a volatile country and created a false impression in people’s minds.”

He described the holy city of Mashhad and provincial capital of Khorasan Province as very beautiful, saying: “We never imagined the Shrine to be so majestic. We took many photographs of Islamic art and architecture, museums, pavilions, porches, and especially of pilgrims worshipping. We shared these on social media.”

He added: “Iran is the best country I have traveled to so far and recommend this country and the city of Mashhad to my friends. Although it is further away from the capital than other cities in Iran, it unravels amazing, memorable attractions worth seeing.”

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