(Persia Digest) – The Roman gardens has one the largest collection of roses in Italy and Europe, where all genres of rose from around the world are kept in an area of over ten thousand square metres. It is also home to a few types of celebrated Persian roses from Iran.

One of the horticulturalists at the Roman gardens going by the name of Antonello fell in love with the Persian rose and always keeps a copy of the famous “Golestan” [flower garden] landmark Persian literature prose by S’adi, gifted to him by an Iranian friend, at the gardens.

He says he loves Iran and Persian roses. An old species of the yellow Persian rose is kept at the gardens. This was brought to Europe around 200 years ago. He also looks after two other roses from the Iranian cities of Rasht and Isfahan here.

He says he will gladly cultivate any roses brought over from Iran at the gardens for the public to see.

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Every year, in the spring, an international competition is held at the Roman gardens to select the best roses in the world with nearly one-hundred modified species of this scented flower.

The Roman gardens are located close to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations headquarters in Rome city center. This was built in 1950 over an ancient cemetery.

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