(Persia Digest) – Hosna Parsa is a young Iranian musician who entered music school when she was 10 and started her musical activities in Vahdat Hall when she was 16. She later joined the Neiriz ensemble led by Maliheh Saeedi. It was then that she was invited to a festival in Austria and played the tonbak and kamancheh as her second musical instruments.

During all these years, in addition to her performances in Iran, Hosna also had several appearances in other countries and has further made a solo album called Bahr-e Del (For the heart’s sake).

Teaching at a music high school and in a university as well as performing as composer for the Iranzamin Children’s Orchestra are among Hosna’s other musical activities.

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Referring to her love for Kamancheh and the reason why she chose this traditional Iranian musical instrument, Hosna told Persia Digest (PD): “Masters such as Hossein Alizadeh and Saeed Farajpur have chosen this instrument for me and I continued my study on the Kamancheh in the music school with master Farajpur. The reason I decided to continue with the Kamancheh is that the instrument is very close to our own culture and we can understand and feel it with our souls and play its tones accurately. I believe that Iranian musicians can better play those instruments which belong to our own culture.”

As for her favorite Iranian and foreign vocalists and musicians, she said: “There are many contemporary masters who are my favorites including great masters such as Mohammad-Reza Shajarian, Hossein Alizadeh, Keyhan Kalhor, Mohsen Nafar, Saeed Farajpur and the Kamkar brothers. I also like and follow the works of Imamyar Hassanov, Aliyef and other foreign musicians in different styles.”

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Hosna said that the Kamancheh is an internationally known instrument and it sounds like the wind.

“Master Kalhor was the one who introduced Kamancheh to the world. I think the sound of Kamancheh is like the wind when it is blowing over the sea. It is at times stormy and at times like a soft breeze.”

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