(Persia Digest) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson has pointed to the latest comments by the US President, saying: “Mr Trump is simply voicing his impossible dreams.”

Bahram Ghasemi added: “Not having learned a lesson from history and the changes of the past few decades, the gentleman has once again repeated the misguided policies of his predecessors towards this region and Iran, simply restating the same illogical falsehoods about the people of this ancient land, the same greed and ambitions of medieval powers past their sell-by dates.”

He continued: “The inflated, belligerent actions of the United States against the Iranian nation have not yet borne fruit despite all their hostile attempts and will certainly not do so in the future.”

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson reiterated: “Trump is simply voicing his impossible, outdated dreams which are not on par with realities. He is fully aware that the IR of Iran has been familiar with US pressures and sanctions policies for decades now.”

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Ghasemi stressed: “The gentleman must know that the Iranian nation will never bow down to exorbitant US pressures, especially those leaders who prefer sanctions to reverence and walls to bridges.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that the US President, Donald Trump, commented on Sunday afternoon that Iran was in a bad state and claimed it was willing to talk.

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Speaking at a press conference, he said: “Iran is in a bad way. Scrapping the horrible JCPOA nuclear deal has left a great impact on them. They are withdrawing their forces from everywhere. Their situation is not good. They want to talk.”

Trump is making these claims while his offers of talk have been repeatedly turned down by Iran.

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