(Persia Digest) – The secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) has said: “During my visit to Afghanistan, two US envoys came to me and said the US wants to negotiate with you. But Iran will not talk to them because the US breaks its promises and is not trustworthy. Therefore, it is meaningless to negotiate with them.”

Ali Shamkhani visited Kabul on 26 December, heading a high-ranking delegation of Iran’s political, military and security officials and exchanged views with senior Afghan officials on major bilateral, regional and international issues.

Shamkhani made the announcement while US President Donald Trump had claimed on Sunday that Iran is not doing well and wants to talk with the US.

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Since Trump has taken office, the issue of US-Iran talks has repeatedly been raised while each time both sides claimed that the other side was the one who asked for the talks and no talks have ever been held between them.

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As the Supreme Leader of Iran has forbidden any talks with the US (at least with the present US administration), it is unlikely that Iran will be the one to make an offer of talks. Therefore, while seeking to negotiate with Iran in various ways, it seems that Trump is trying to persuade public opinion that Iran is the one who took the first step for talks.

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