(Persia Digest) – A US military website has ranked Iran’s military strength as 13th in the world for 2018 above Israel’s ranking.

The Global Firepower website has ranked the Israeli army’s strength as 16th, below Brazil and Indonesia, and the Iranian armed forces have been ranked as 13th. The ranking applies to 136 countries.

The Jerusalem Post reports that this is the third year the Israeli army’s rank has dropped on this website. It ranked 15th last year and 11th in 2011. Iran has climbed eight places from 21st in 2017 to 13th in 2018.

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According to Global Firepower, the ranking includes conventional military capabilities and another 55 criteria, such as the range of available weapons in the arsenal, the number of manpower, the defense industry’s strengths, natural resources, surface area, and economic power.

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Iran’s regional rival, Saudi Arabia, has been ranked as 26th.

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