February 04, 2019 11:00
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(Persia Digest) - The Judicial Commission of the Iranian Parliament is considering a motion whereby large numbers of political prisoners might be given a general amnesty.

A Board Member of the Parliamentary Judicial Commission pointed to the general amnesty and converting of penalties by the Commission, saying: “The bill has been compiled in three articles.”

Yahya Kamalipour described the details as follows: “Article 1 provides for the conversion of life sentences for tazir offenses [at the discretion of the judge] to felony of the first degree, carrying 25-30 years’ imprisonment.”

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He continued: “Article 2 provides for all political and security prisoners who are not perpetrators of physical, subversive acts and complicity to be given amnesty. This does not include the crime of spying.”

According to Kamalipour, Article 3 provides for the Iranian diaspora who wish to return to their country to be immune from prosecution unless they have a plaintiff.

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Voting on the motion will take place at the next meeting of the Iranian Judicial Commission. If the motion is accepted by the members, it will be voted on at a plenary session of Parliament. If MPs pass the motion, it will go to the Guardian Council for consideration and notification to the government for action.

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