(Persia Digest) – The Iranian President traveled to Rasht in northern Iran yesterday and inaugurated the Rasht-Ghazvin railway line as part of the North-South Corridor after thirteen years.

The line is 164 kilometers and includes nine kilometers of bridges and 28 kilometers of tunnels. It is a mega engineering project which crosses the Alborz Chain of Mountains. Iran’s longest railway bridge is on this route and its most difficult section to implement.

This is Iran’s biggest railway project connecting provincial centers to the country’s rail network. In this instance, Rasht was the 22nd provincial capital out of 31 to be connected to the network.

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This is only part of the North-South Corridor connecting the Persian Gulf, Sea of Oman, and Indian Subcontinent to Caucasus, Russia, and northern Europe. The only remaining section of the project to be completed in Iran is the Rasht-Astara line continuing into the Republic of Azerbaijan.

At the inauguration ceremony of the Ghazvin-Rasht line yesterday, the Iranian President underlined the necessity to complete the railway line up to Anzali and Astara to take immediate effect. Completing the South-North Corridor will create a chain of trade relations extending from the East to Europe.

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Rouhani stated that the railways will also connect Iran and Iraq soon, adding: “Iranian railways is also connected to China. Expanding the railway network to neighboring countries will facilitate ties with others and demonstrate the failure of the sanctions regime against Iran.

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