(Persia Digest) – Naharkhoran Forest Park is the oldest recreational park of Golestan Province in northern Iran which dates back to the Jurassic period (over 40 million years ago).

The plant cover of the park is Caspian temperate broadleaves and its forests are Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests where non-native plants have been cultivated with human intervention.

It is traditionally said that pilgrims returning from trips to Mecca (Muslim pilgrimage city in Saudi Arabia) or Mashad (Shrine of the eighth Imam of Shiite Muslims in northeastern Iran), used to travel through southern Gorgan mountains in the past. When they reached the Ziarat region which is called Naharkhoran today, they stopped to have lunch with those who had come to greet them after several months of absence.

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Naharkhoran has a watery river which is derived from Ziarat River. Other tourist attractions of Naharkhoran Forest include: Sefid-Cheshmeh Spring, Baba-Taher Mound overlooking the city and the Paradise region with its amusement park, restaurant and hotel.

The Forest Park is located some 4 kms from the city of Gorgan with various hotels. The Tourism Hotel of Naharkhoran has wooden cottages for rent to spend a night in the forest. The Municipal Hotel and Baba-Taher Hotel are two other accommodations to spend the night in this area.

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