(Persia Digest) – An Iranian official has stated that the recent locust attack on Iran is not bioterrorism.

Speaking about FAO’s investigations on the possibility of a bioterrorist attack and the shortfall of some Arab states in combatting this in their own countries, the Spokesperson for the PPO - Plant Protection Organization (Iran), Mohammad-Reza Mir stated: “A FAO representative came to Iran and said the fight against the locust attack was very satisfactory.”

Mir said that the FAO representative had cited two reasons for the widespread locust attack on Iran, adding: “The first reason is climate change. The FAO representative also implicitly announced that Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, Yemen, and Qatar had not fought the desert locusts as they should have. The most important country is the Yemen who was unable to carry this out due to its war.”

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He reiterated: “There is no talk of bioterrorism. These countries have no agriculture in the infested areas and did not consider it important to fight the phenomenon. But, every government is duty-bound to stop this from spreading.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that a number of Iranian provinces have been attacked by locusts the fight against which is ongoing. Earlier, a number of Iranian MPs mentioned that this may have been a bioterrorist attack on Iran.

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