(Persia Digest) – Iran Railways is planning to start running its first standard tourist train next year and join the club of countries who operate these.

The horn of tourist trains sounded in Iran four years ago. During this time, 28 European trains have traveled to Iran carrying their international passengers. The 29th such train will enter Iran in October this year. These trains have an international mix of passengers who start their journey to Iran in Europe and spend five to seven days visiting Iran’s historic attractions. They usually reside in the same train.

These trains do not simply aim to get their passengers to their destination. But, they mosey along the pristine countryside and stop to see the history and attractions of the railroad, stations, equipment, and other historic sites.

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Up until a couple of years ago, tourist trains crossed the border from Turkey into Iran (Razi). But following unrests in Turkey, their route was switched to travel through Turkmenistan. Turkish Railways, however, has now announced that it is ready for the trains to journey through this country.

Iranian Railways is also using the potentials of the private sector to renovate and change the usage of a number of wagons for its first international tourist train by next year. Domestic tourist trains are currently running along the Tehran-Shirgah and Tehran-Savadkuh routes.

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