(Persia Digest) - Chehel Sotoun tomb in Lahijan is the resting place of Agha Seyed Ebrahim, a descendent of Imam Musa Kazim, who died in the year 320 AH based on the inscription on one of the pillars of the mausoleum.

Chehel Sotoun is one of the villages of Ahandan Rural District in the Central District of Lahijan County, located 8 km to the south of this city. The tomb of Agha Seyed Ebrahim has forty wooden pillars made from boxwood trees. According to the locals, a number of wooden beams have been repaired in recent years. The woods are so hard that nails cannot be used to connect them. The number of pillars in the mausoleum that have been erected to support the roof is 31, and the remaining seven pillars are set up in front of the porch.

Photos: Pouya Bazargard Karchondani / Mehr, Mani Pourahmad / Young Journalists Club

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