(Persia Digest) – The Naderi Garden Museum, or the mausoleum of Nader Shah Afshar, is a monument built in  Shohada crossroads in Mashhad, northeastern Iran, to commemorate the Persian king Nader Shah.

The mausoleum of Nader Shah is the second most visited tourist attraction in Mashhad after Imam Reza’s (AS) Shrine.

The monument is located in the midst of a garden measuring 14,400 sqm. It is designed as a tribal tent on a platform with 12 steps. The statue of Nader Shah riding a horse and three other figures are also mounted on a platform next to the tomb.

The mausoleum was designed and built in 1959 by renowned Iranian architect, Houshang Seihoun (1920-2104) and inaugurated in 1963.

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The Naderi Garden is comprised of two halls, the mausoleum, ivans, museum, and statues. A signature book is available for visitors.

The two halls are adjacent. One is a museum of arms pertaining to different historical eras and the other is where the arms and artefacts from Nader Shah’s reign are showcased.

The resting place of the conqueror of Kouh-e Nour

The latter is home to a host of coins, vessels, and other objects given as gifts from the Safavid times to date. A board has been designed and installed in this hall, introducing Nader Shah, the Naderi mausoleum, Khorshid Palace, Colonel Mohammad-Taghi Khan Pesian, and Abol-Hassan Sedighi.

The resting place of the conqueror of Kouh-e Nour

Colonel Mohammad-Taghi Khan Pesian’s tomb is situated in the northern wing of the garden. He was a military man who lived towards the end of the Qajar era and was the first Iranian to become a pilot. His tombstone has been designed by Houshang Seihoun.

The resting place of the conqueror of Kouh-e Nour

The museum is currently run by the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Khorasan Province. In 2007, the Naderi Garden Museum was renovated and its inner spaces were regenerated and modernized over six months.

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