(Persia Digest) – Nine independent parties in Iran have written a letter to the Ministry of Cultural Heritage protesting the naming of the Iranian scientist, Farabi, as being Turkish by this country.

The open letter points to the opening in Istanbul of the Farabi House Museum for the great Persian philosopher and scientist known as the “Second Teacher”, calling it a non-cultural, unscientific and political effort to falsify today’s reality by linking it to the past and the appropriation of the region’s cultural identity.

The parties mention in their letter to the Acting Minister of Cultural Heritage: “Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s cultural office has named Farabi “the scientist of the Turkic and Muslim worlds. What are the Ministry’s suggestions to address this concern?”

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The statement suggests that these heritages should be registered under the Nowruz cultural zone which has been registered by Unesco to reduce disputes and controversies.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that the Farabi House Museum was inaugurated in Istanbul on 5 August in the name of the great Persian philosopher and scientist known as the “Second Teacher”, after Aristotle who is known as "the First Teacher", on the occasion of his 1150th birthday.

Speaking at the ceremony, the President of Kazakhstan’s National University, Gallium Motanov, said: “The establishment of an Independent House Museum for Farabi in Turkey is a turning point in the further introduction of the Turk-Kazakh cultural treasures through Farabi’s heritage who has played a valuable part in the history of civilization.”

His speech has created massive concern among those active in Iran's cultural heritage, history, and culture.

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