(Persia Digest) - In a joint session held between head of the budget organization and mayor of Tehran on Wed., it was decided to have 630 new carriages added to Tehran’s subway system.

Mehr News reports that during a joint session attended by head of the Planning and Budget Organization, head of City Council and the mayor of Tehran, it was decided to have 630 new carriages purchased for Tehran’s subway system. 

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The Tehran Metro, owned and operated by Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway, consists of 6 operational metro lines and an additional commuter rail line, with construction under way on three lines including west extension of line 4, line 6 and north and east extension of line 7.

As of July 2019, the length of operational lines has reached 229km, with 124 stations and 1,230 carriages in service. 

Busy, cheap and clean, the Tehran Metro carries some 3 million passengers a day.

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