(Persia Digest)- The Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHTO) has started the project of installing ‘plaques’ on the houses of famous Iranian people and artists. The houses of 11 celebrities have so far been adorned with plaques carrying their names.

The project “Kiarostami Remembered”, initiated to preserve the intellectual and spiritual cultural heritage of Iran, aims to identify and introduce the houses of Iranian artists, academics, scholars, and scientists. According to ICHTO authorities, their goal is to add spirit and identity to cities and neighborhoods by identifying outstanding and influential contemporary figures and their homes with a special plaque.  

As announced by ICHTO, arrangements have been made for 50 plaques to be placed on 50 houses in honor of 50 Iranian artists and academics.

The 7th plaque - Abbass Kiarostami 

The seventh ‘remembrance plaque’ was placed on Abbass Kiarostami’s house, one of the most renowned and prominent cinema directors in Iran, in a ceremony with the presence of his nephew Hamid Qaderi.

Abbass Kiarostami, the contemporary Iranian director, screenwriter, photographer, and painter was born in 1940. Throughout his lifelong artistic career, he succeeded in winning numerous awards from various international festivals, including the 1997 Cannes Film Festival Palm d’Or for the “Taste of Cherries.”

“Taste of Cherries”, “The Wind Will Carry Us,” and “Where Is a Friend’s Home” are among the most notable works of the famous filmmaker.

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