8000 years of terracotta discovered in Razan

8000 years of terracotta discovered in Razan
ID : N-1081 Date : 2018/01/19 - 12:43

(Persia Digest) – The PR Officer of the Cultural Heritage Organization of Hamedan has announced the discovery of antiquated artifacts dating back to sixth millennium BCE in Razan.

Behjat Abbasi thanked the person who had discovered these for bringing them over to the Cultural Heritage Organization, and added: “A villager near Razan came to us and said he had accidentally discovered a number of artifacts in his land and was eager to entrust them to our offices.”

She continued: “A team was immediately dispatched to the farm and the potteries dating back to the third, fifth, and sixth millennia BCE were transferred to our depot in the Province.”

As reported by Persia Digest, Razan is a town in Hamedan Province. The provincial capital, Hamedan, is also the “Capital of Persian Civilization” and the capital of the first Persian Dynasty, the Medes. (Photo is decorative)


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