Iran cinema workshop held in Malaysia

Iran cinema workshop held in Malaysia
ID : N-1490 Date : 2018/03/15 - 11:58

(Persia Digest) – Prominent Iranian filmmakers, Azita Hajian and Abol-Hassan Davoudi, have held a second workshop at the Aswara University of Malaysia.

IRNA reports that the director of “Crazy Castle”, Abol-Hassan Davoudi, called the Iranian cinema before the 1979 revolution without content, commercial, and without purpose in front of over 100 students and professors in the field of cinema.

An acting workshop was also held by Azita Hajian for students.

The first workshop was held in Malaysia with 160 attendants by Puran Derakhshandeh and Marila Zarei who had traveled to Kuala Lumpur for the Iranian Film Festival on 7 March 2017.

At the workshop, Davoudi went on to add: “As the Iranian cinema grew throughout these years and made its debut on the international scene, it also acquired a positive and a negative aspect. One was to portray a more real face of Iran to the world, and the other was that some international film festivals drew in the filmmakers with their political agenda to produce movies that are not compatible with the realities of life in Iran and paint a black face of the country.”

He went on to answer questions by participants in the workshop about his films and the methods of directing, scriptwriting, producing, content, and film critique. He said: “The cinema is not a mere profession and technique. It links the producer to the audience and this can be very influential.”


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